West Dorset Swimming Club has been running for over 25 years taking swimmers from a young age on a journey from a novice swimmer through to a competitive athlete developing them to reach their potential whilst offering exposure to other sporting disciplines that are closely linked with our sport


We are committed to excellence and dedicated to developing its members who become great ambassadors to the club & sport. This will help us develop our members to reach their own individual potential.

Mission Statement

We offer a competitive program with the purpose and commitment to

-Advance the sport of swimming within our local community

-Recruit individuals who share our vision

-Provide swimmers with the highest quality coaching

-Create and maintain an enjoyable and productive swimming environment

-recognise each individual and value their role in the success of our organisation

-encourage positive mental attitudes and mutual respect

-Teach and develop life skills through our swimming program

-Provide members the opportunities to grow and succeed to their highest level Values

-Excellence: To reach maximum potential individually as athletes and financially as a club

-Strong work: Goal relationships, balanced and realistic

-Educationally sound and ethical program

-Stand up to the element of time

-Sport for all policy allowing diversity to be alive across all decision making

UK Competitive Swimming

West Dorset Swimming Club work within the ASA guidelines from competitive swimming. We provide exposure to local, regional and national competitions. The club afford individuals opportunities to compete at the highest levels available in amateur sport.