Hoddesdon Swimming Club

The club was formed in 1884 and based at the Fish and Eels public house at Dobbs Weir on the River Lea.  The club was officially registered with the Amateur Swimming Association in 1895. The members then moved to the luxury of the Spinning Wheel Lido in 1933 which eventually became the  Hoddesdon Open Air Pool.

Today,  Hoddesdon Swimming Club utilises two swimming pools since 2002 members have trained the majority of the time in The John Warner Sports Centre (Hoddesdon), and in Simon Balle School Pool (Hertford). During the summer months you will also find some of our swimers training over at the White Water Centre in Lea Valley.

Borough of Broxbourne Swim Squad
BoBSS includes Elite swimmers from both Hoddesdon and Cheshunt swimming Clubs, and will increase the range of opportunities for those wishing to take their swimming seriously. Swimmers now have the opportunity to compete together at certain events, which is a very exciting new venture for both Clubs. The Coaching Teams and Committees of both clubs and in addition the Borough of Broxbourne, are all delighted by this very positive move forwards.