About RRSC

About Rushmoor Royals SC

Rushmoor Royals Swimming Club is affliated to the ASA South East Region and is the leading Competitive Swimming Club in North East Hampshire covering the catchment area of Aldershot, Farnborough, Camberley and Yateley.

The Club has a thriving "Learn to Swim" programme for children as young as 2½ through to between 7 and 11 year olds, a main competitive section for 8-25 year olds and a Masters Section for the over 25's. However there is flexibility in the Masters squad as it can cater for those who are 18 upwards.


The Club develops swimmers to compete at County, Regional, National, European and Olympic level. It considers itself to be one of the top 20 clubs in the Country, having reached the "B" Final of the National Arena inter-club competition in 2012 -13.

With a large team of coaches, teachers and poolside helpers, the emphasis is on achieving the highest competitive levels whilst maintaining a friendly and enjoyable spirit amongst the membership. A highly committed and friendly management committee support and co-ordinate all club activities.

The Club has access to train at a wide range of swimming pools and has an advantage in being able to use the long course 50m Aldershot Garrison pool for many of its squads. Squads also train at the 33⅓m Farnborough recreation centre pool, 25m pools at Aldershot Pools complex, and Camberley Arena, plus the 20m Yateley Centre pool.

Mission Statement


"Rushmoor Royals Swimming Club exists to further the pleasure of its members in the activities of this Swimming Club."

The Club believes that this will be achieved by providing a disciplined training environment directed towards competitive swimming at the highest level available. This training environment will seek to cultivate and maximise the swimming talent and potential of its swimming members.

The Club believes that the swimmers are to be encouraged towards technical excellence and that their enjoyment will be achieved through the commitment and respect of fellow swimmers, coaches, Club officials and other Club members.

The Club believes that the disciplined committed approach to swimming is not mutually exclusive with seeking to encourage enjoyment and a friendly social mixing of all its members".

Message from your Executive Committee

Welcome to Rushmoor Royals Swimming Club, the leading Swimming Club in North East Hampshire. The Club has a long tradition of excellence and offers all swimmers, from the youngest to the oldest, opportunities to improve and perform at and beyond the level that they have so far achieved.

We hope that you will be proud to wear your Rushmoor Royals swim hat and T-Shirt and swim to the best of your ability, to be a credit to yourself, to your family and to Rushmoor Royals.


You have joined a competitive Swimming Club, intent on holding its own at the highest level possible, which means that you will be expected to work hard and give of your best. The challenge that all swimmers in the Club have before them is to do even better this year than they did last.

In swimming the only way to improve is to work hard, to listen to the advice and instruction of your coach and to practice - over and over again and then again. It all sounds impossible, but the rewards for your efforts are there for the taking - there is nothing like achieving a personal best or standing on the winner's rostrum. Unfortunately not everyone can take the top honours but that should not stop any of you from having a go.

I hope that you will accept the challenge and have a very enjoyable and rewarding association with Rushmoor Royals.

Club History

The formation of the Borough of Rushmoor in 1974 represents a point in the Club's history from which the present era for RRSC may be considered to have begun.

Local Government reorganisation saw the merger of Farnborough Urban District Council and the Borough of Aldershot to form the Borough of Rushmoor. At that time the major competitive speed swimming club in North East Hampshire was the Aldershot Garrison and Town Swimming Club which had been formed in 1960 by the Army in Aldershot joining with the Aldershot Swimming and Diving Club whose history can be traced back to 1934.

The Chief Coach at that time was Tom Kennedy, formerly of the Army Physical Training Corps and an outstanding swimming teacher. The Club's headquarters was at the Command Baths, Queens Avenue, Aldershot and the Commandant of the Army School of Physical Training became the President of the Club.


North Camp Gymnasium and Swimming Baths in 1905

In 1975 the name of the Club was changed to Rushmoor Royals to reflect the name of the new Borough and the Headquarters was moved to the new pool at Farnborough. On the change of name the Commandant of the Army Physical Training School ceased to hold the office of President and Mr J Hamer who had had a long association with the old club and whose daughter had swum for the Club became the first President of Rushmoor Royals. The Chairman was Lt. Col. Eric Ransley and Sydney Butler the Chief Coach.

Both the old and new clubs have used many pools in the area so 1982 was a sad year when the Command Baths was closed due to serious structural faults.

The Club and its forbears have had many distinguished swimmers, just one being Lisa Peale who was National Age Group Backstroke Champion in 1969. In 1974 the McGuire family, who swam with the old club, presented a trophy to the Club before they returned to America. Sydney Butler drew up the conditions for the award of this trophy and soon afterwards the club introduced the Junior McGuire trophy in addition. In 1981 Lt. Col. Eric Ransley who had served the Club for many years became the first Hampshire President to come from the Club. Brian Welch, Margaret Ostler and Mike Page were similarly honoured in 1985, 1995 and 2005 respectively; Mike Page was also Hampshire Treasurer for 5 years.

Rushmoor Royals has a long and distinguished history of being a strong competitive swimming club, and a strong performance based future lies ahead.