Welcome to Wycombe District Swimming Club


In every sporting organisation, the higher the peak you aim for, the broader base you need. For this reason, the Club caters for a range of swimmers from those who are just ready to begin their first steps in swimming right up to full international level swimmers.

A swimmer's individual progress and improvement, at whatever standard, are what give satisfaction to the club and its coaches as well as to the swimmers themselves.

Wycombe District Swimming Club provides coaching for all ages and levels of swimmer, and all are welcome. Our aim is to provide an enjoyable environment in which to:

Help swimmers fulfil their individual potential, and prepare them to compete at a level appropriate to their ability.


Opportunity and Encouragement


The aim is for swimmers to be happy, and for most of them the club is a highly social place. Equally the Club expects them to train properly and to respect their coaches.

Self Discipline

Swimming does demand, and helps develop, a degree of self-discipline that is useful in all aspects of life. In addition, all experts agree that it is the very best form of exercise available!

Joining Our Club

Wycombe District Swimming Club holds regular membership trials, usually every month. The trials are used as a way to assess the current level of the swimmer and their potential for the future.

Trials are normally held on the 1st Tuesday of every month at Wycombe Leisure Centre. You must contact the club to pre-book a place on a trial, trialists arriving on the day will not be accepted.

If you are interested in applying to attend a trial session, please contact our membership team: or call our Clubline on 01494 410 075.

Once you have been accepted to join a trial, you will be informed of the date and time of your trial and you will be invited to join one of our monthly trial sessions. Please be aware that demand for trials is high and you may not be invited to the next scheduled trial, you may be given a date in the future, if the next scheduled trial is over-subscribed.


How does the Club Work and Operate?

WDSC is a members club. That means it is a club run by the members for the members. It's a great opportunity to get involved. A Committee elected by the members is responsible for the Management, operation and financial control of the Club. The club holds and AGM each year when it reports to the membership and elects the committee. Volunteers are active across all aspects of the club, from Coaching to administration.

When joining the club, please consider how you can get involved. It is only with our member's engagement and participation in the running of the club, that we are able to continue to operate.