Coaches and Committee
Coaching Staff

Ben Negus

Head Coach


Position: Head Coach

Squads Working Directly with: A Squad & B Squad support

Coach Qualification: ASA Coach Certificate & a Degree in Sports Engineering

Coaching Honours:

Coach to 9 international swimmers...and counting. Coach at COPS for 10 years and counting. 

Multiple National podiums, finals and qualifiers. 

My most notable honour, trying to help people to realise their potential or help them on the way too it.

What are your favourite traits in a COPS team member? Attention to detail, open mind, willingness to try new and old things, commitment and a burning desire to achieve their own goals no matter the situation 

Favourite Quote: I CAN, I WILL, I DID!

Rebecca Barsby

Assistant Coach


Position: Assistant Coach

Squads Working Directly with: B Squad & Development Squad support

Coach Qualification: ASA Coach Certificate, Masters in Performance Analysis in Sport & a Degree in Coaching and Sports Science

Coaching Honours:

Coach at Nova Centurion for 3.5 years. 

Multiple Regional podiums, finalists and qualifiers. 

What are your favourite traits in a COPS team member? Asks questions to aid their learning, determination, teamwork, self belief, commitment and a burning desire to achieve their own goals. 

Favourite Quote: The best preparation for tomorrow, is doing your best today!

Thomas Stokes

Assistant Coach


Jo Waller

Assistant Coach


Postiton: Development Coach 

Squads: Development 1, Development 2 and support coach for B1/B2

Coaching Qualification: Level 2 Teacher, UKCC Level 3 Performance Coach and Coaching disabled people in sport 

Coaching Honours: The Development of many young swimmers over the years who have progressed on to win National Titles and multiple British and European Masters champions and record holders. 

Favourate traits in a COPS team member: Committment, team player, works hard to acheive their goals and makes the coach laugh !!! smileylaugh

Favourite Quote: Believe in yourself 

Kayleigh Elder

Assistant Coach


Position: Mini Squad Coach

Squads Working Directly with: Stanground Mini Squad

Coach Qualification: ASA Coach Certificate, ASA Teachers Certificate

Coaching Honours: Coach at COPS for over 10 years. Starter coach to multiple 7/8 year olds that have progressed through the COPS squads and gone on to achieve Regional and National podiums as well as international selection. Developing hundreds of 9 and unders to help them kindle their swimming desire and start them off on their compeititve swimming journey.

What are your favourite traits in a COPS team member? The love of swimming! The desire to work hard, be a great team player and be proud of their achievements.

Favourite Quote: Don't measure your progress using someone else's ruler.

David E Jakeman

Strength & Conditioning Coach


Position: Strength and Conditioning Coach 

Squads Working Directly with:  A + B Squads 

Coach Qualification: 

- BSc Sports Therapy - Member of the Society of Sports Therapists), 


- Precision Nutrition Coach 

Coaching Honours:

- Being a cog in the progression of the COPS programme since 2009 and it's successes, working grass roots to international level

- Cambridge University Woman's Boat Race - Therapist and S&C for the 2016 & 2017 Campaign - 2017 clean sweep across woman's crews

What are your favourite traits in a COPS team member? 

Consistently applying yourself even on the harder days when you're struggling, and getting the nitty gritty unglamorous parts of training done that makes the difference at top level competition... 

Favourite Quote: 

"David was right..."