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Julia Murden

Head Coach


In 2009 my then eleven year old son was selected for a pathway development programme in swimming. In plain language that means you have to get up at 5.30 in the morning four mornings a week and train approx twenty hours a week - my son was keen, I was not. I had the normal parent concerns, would he burn out? What would it do to his education? Would I be able to get up at 5.30am four mornings a week?

After a long hard think I decided training twenty hours a week at eleven years old was crazy but I did not want to disappoint my son as he loved to swim. My next step was to try and get him involved in another sport involving swimming, so we tried triathlon but as Will quickly pointed out to me “you cannot swim butterfly in triathlon mum” so that wasn’t to be. In typical mum fashion I said never mind son we will do this together and I will coach you and ten years later here we are.

After starting a club with one swimmer in 2009 I now have a large family, that I call my swimming family. I have met some great people, I love the swimmers I coach and I have had the privilege of working with some great young people. I have developed swimmers from junior swimming all the way through to senior national competition and I am now watching some of our first learn to swim children thrive in a competitive environment.

I have learnt that coaching is about passion about belief and commitment about believing in young people often before they believe in themselves, the results are a joy to witness and be part of.


William Murden

Assistant Coach Competitive Level 1


I have been in and around the water since before my first birthday and joined my first swimming club at the age of ten.

My passion for swimming grew in leaps and bounds, reaching the top of the British rankings for my age by the time I was eleven.

Over the years I have travelled all over Europe to take part in training camps and watch world championship competitions. I have also competed across the country and internationally in county, regional and national level competitions.

At 18 I went to Stirling University in Scotland where I got the opportunity to train with multiple Commonwealth, World and Olympic swimmers. At age twenty two my passion for swimming remains and I am considering competing at Olympic Trials in 2020 depending on my degree commitments ( I study Sport Science at Newcastle University and will graduate in 2020).

My main event is 200m butterfly and I presently hold the British Masters title for the event.

I hope to be able to pass on my passion for swimming to the younger swimmers in the club and see them achieve their dreams in the future - A Life Worth Swimming!


Alex Hunter

Development Squad Coach


Alex and Dean just call us The Dream Team!

We both have children swimming in the club, Dean has two children both is Competitive Level 1 Squad who compete at Championship level both in swimming and Triathlon and I have a daughter who trains in Competitive Level 1 Squad and a son in Development so we both know and understand the commitment required for child to take part in sport both as a parent and a swimmer.

Our role is to make sure the swimmers are learning the correct technique on all four competitive strokes, we want to see our swimmers work hard and achieve great results as this will increase their confidence and self belief and see them flourish not only as young sports people but hopefully into well rounded young adults. We also want to see our swimmers have fun and we like to think we are a good team where all our members support one another, we work hard together and we play hard together:)

Happy healthly children who take joy in their sport make new friends and increase their skill level that's the aim of the Dream Team! We will be there to support them all the way.

Joe Walsh

Competition Level 2 Coach


Having done all my junior swimming in Darlington, I joined Aquajets in 2013 when I moved up to Newcastle University.

Since then I have made British Nationals and Senior National Finals.

I qualified as an ACA Chartered Accountant in August 2018 and have worked in London for an extended period of time previously to this. In September 2018 I decided to make the move back up to Newcastle and get back to being more involved in Swimming. 

I coach Competitive Level 2 squad which is a group of fine young people mainly teenagers that do not have the time to commit fully to the sport but want to take part in competitive swimming without the pressure of attending every gala or making every training session. We still aim to move all the swimmers forward both at skill level and performance times and it means the club can retain young people in the sport and really make swimming a sport for everyone!


Paul Callender

Coach Future Stars Stroke Masters


I have been with Aquajets for several years now and I originally became involved as a parent. After helping out with several sessions I soon developed a passion for coaching and teaching. After gaining a coaching qualification, I have been developing the young swimmers of the Development and Junior squads for the past few years. Technique and enjoying the learning process plays a big role in my sessions and my aim is to develop their skills in order to advance them to the next squad and to prepare them for competitive swimming. 

Lucas Lowery

Assistant Coach Stroke Squad


I joined Aquajets when I was twelve years old and I am still enjoying my swimming no as much as ever.

Over the years I have made some great friends and had the opportunity to compete all over the country and travel abroad to train.

I wasn't amazing when I started with my swimming but with a lot of hardwork and dedication I have managed to reach the top levels at my sport. I now compete mainly in the sprint events and specialize in 50m backstroke.

I presently study at Sunderland University (Mechanical Engineering) and I am a qualified level two teacher and life guard

It's great to be teaching the young swimmers and I hope the get a much from the sport as it has given me - Just Keep Swimming !

Joel Dormenyo

Entry Level Swim Coach