National Arena League - Round 2

11 Nov 2017 (04:30 PM) - 11 Nov 2017 (08:00 PM)
November, 10 2017


National Arena League South - Round 2 @ TBC

Location : Wycombe Leisure Center, High Wycombe, HP11 1UP

Please meet at Wycombe Leisure Center at 4.30pm.  (No coach from Chiltern Pools)

Please ensure that you have only small bags (ideally drawstring bags) for poolside and use the lockers for any other bags. Arena is always busy so small bags is an absolute must.

Team selected by the coaches.

Selected Team

Girls Boys
Eleanor Andrews Tristan Woolven
Kreswin Smith Nathan Hedges
Hannah Ashby Alexander Schiavi
Lucy Quill Maxim Michau
Brigitte Chapman  
Lucy West George Andrews
Lauren Cliffe James Dolan
Jenna Campbell Dylan Woolven
Becky Saunders Tom Mahoney
Lucy Horlock Alexander Bainbridge
Steph Roycroft Ellis Morgan
Ellie Lock Jamie Owen
Katie Thompson Ewan Mayhew
May McKenny Alex Hedges
  Tim Everett
Sophie Elphick Jamie Irwin
Sophie Lawrence Peter Dalzell
Hatty McGrath  
Kat Shaw  


Lane and Opposition

2 Sutton & Cheam
3 Amersham
4 Wycombe District A - HOSTS
5 Bromley A
6 RTW Monson
7 Maxwell
Lane Club







Gala Results

ARENA League Round 2
Premier Division - Gala 
Position Club Points
1 Wycombe District A  250
2 Bromley A 230
3 Sutton & Cheam 150
4 Amersham 149
5 RTW Monson 136
6 Maxwell 134