EDSC Super Sunday Sprint Meet

26 Sep 2021
August, 13 2021


Details for the Erith and District Super Sunday Sprint Meet are below. This event is being held at Crook Log, Bexleyhealth on Sunday 26th September 2021.

In a bid to keep things as simple as possible post Covid-19, the structure of the meet has been changed from previous years. In order that we can suitably manage numbers and pool time allocation, swimmers are required to enter all 4 of the 50m sprint events available to them for the price of £15. The entering of events singly is not permitted. If a swimmer chooses not to swim an event, there is a procedure in place (see Promoters Conditions) to allow them to withdraw.

This meet should be entered by bronze squad, silver squad, gold squad and platinum squad. Upper time limits apply.

Entry is online via the attend/decline button on GRSC website. paper entries witll not be accepted. Please ensure you have an up to date payment card on your account. Due to charges from the credit card service provider, a service charge of 50p per entry will be added to every entry to cover these additional costs.

This meet will fill up quickly so the closing date is 20 August 2021.

Good luck