Cornwall County Championships Day 1 & 2

26 Jan 2018 (12:00 PM) - 27 Jan 2018 (12:00 PM)
December, 18 2017



Dear Parents and Swimmers,
Please find attached a copy of the current County qualifiers and the events in which they have achieved qualification standards an update will follow after the Yeovil Christmas Meet.
It is important to note that only times achieved in a licensed meet are valid for entry and these must correspond with times showing on British Rankings.
In order to check your times you should go to 
Once on this page you should then go to the second heading 'Rankings' found on the blue banner at the top and select the third drop down option 'Individual Best Times'.
You will then need to conduct a search for your times by entering either your ASA membership number, or your surname. If you enter your ASA membership number you will go directly to your best times, listed both long course and short course. If you search by your surname you will have to find yourself amongst other swimmers listed in alphabetical order, however your club name is on the far right side to determine who is who! You then need to click on your membership number on the left of the page to take you to your listed personal best times.
Please note that only times achieved from the 13th January 2016 onwards in licensed competition are valid for entry to County Championships.
The club database extracts splits for intermediate distances from longer swims and also uses relay information. Whilst this is not normally a problem for making entry to competition, County entries will be checked against rankings and will save a huge amount of time if this is done prior to submitting your entries.
Para swimmers are not subject to meeting qualifying time standards, they may enter events of their choice.
All Swimmers
All swimmers are encouraged to enter all events they have qualified for. Swimmers achieving qualification in numerous events should consider the programme of events and their goals for the remainder of the season before making entries.
The Closing Date for this Tuesday 19th December No entries will be accepted after this date.