KCASA Championships 2018

20 Jan 2018 (08:00 AM) - 11 Feb 2018 (06:00 PM)
January, 9 2018
10 March 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


Message from Kent ASA


This weekend sees the move of the championships to London Aquatic Centre. It's a new venue for many, please ensure your swimmers go to the correct venue!

It's been a great event so far and it wouldn't happen without the support of all the clubs, officials, coaches, event team and of course the swimmers.

On behalf of KCASA we would like to thank all the clubs that have/will host a day or more at the championships.

Bromley SC, Thanet SC, Maidstone SC, Sevenoaks SC and Beckenham SC

There are still 2,520 team points on offer, and 20 trophies. Hopefully, we will see some inspired swimmers continuing the exciting racing we have seen in the first 3 weekends.

With so many points left nothing is certain in the points tables, though Team Thanet's lead in the boys/mens looks pretty secure, there are lots of interesting battles throughout the tables.

The current points score is here

The current MC points table is here

The top 10 fina points swims are here: (9 out of 10 are female)  

The Venue

The venue is one of the best swimming venues in the world, and we hope provides inspiration for Kent swimmers. 

Entry for swimmers, spectators and coaches will be from 8.30am. Please ensure people don't arrive early as its going to be cold at the weekend, and the security team won't let people in. 

All access to the building for officials, spectators, swimmers and coaches is through the Event doors upstairs.  Officials must be carrying their ASA cards at all times.  Coaches Poolside Passes must be worn at all times.

The venue has an exclusive catering contract with its caterers and will not allow spectators to bring their own food/drink. Spectators may be bag searched for food, and asked to dispose of any food/drink. This is not ideal, but is outside of our control,  please ensure your swimmers and spectators are aware of this.

We have agreed with the operators that swimmers can bring their own food. They should take any food through with them. Spectators will not be able to give them food during the event unless purchased on site.

Car parking is limited. There are eleven (11) blue badge park spots and these are on a first come first served basis.  

Officials, Spectators, Swimmers and Coaches should park in Westfield Centre, Stratford. The best car park is car park B.  It should take about ten minutes to walk to the Aquatics centre

Warm- Up 
Sessions 13 and 15 (the first each day) both warm-up at 9.30am
Sessions 14 and 16 (the second each day) both warm-up at 2.00pm

The few withdrawals that may happen, will be on the day before the start of each warm-up at the medals table. Failure to withdraw by the start of warm-up will result in a £20 fine.  Please remind swimmers and coaches. Please be aware that many many swimmers were unable to swim in the sprints having obtained a consideration time. Please encourage your swimmers not to pull out unless it's on medical grounds.

The weekend schedule is here

The above are subject to change should we suffer any technical issues. Each day should end by 5.30pm 

Coach Passes
Many coach passes have been issued, the remainder will be at the entrance desk.

Parents Workshop

See here for details of the parent's workshop to be held on Sunday 11th

Kent Merchandising

Hoodies,polo shirts and swim hats (with Kent Championships 2018) will be available, SRS will have a stand at the aquatic centre.

Coach Email
We are still collating a list of Kent Coaches email addresses, please click here to add your coaches

A specific results website has been created to keep you up to date.
This is the link to the results page here

Good Luck to all the Clubs, and KCASA hope everyone enjoys the event.

Alan Davidson




Accepted/Rejected entries have been published, see attached

You will be invoiced shortly, please make a payment into the gala account:

Sort Code 40 46 20

Account No. 61407791


The dates for 2018 are:

  • January 20/21 at Crystal Palace
  • January 27/28 at Crystal palace
  • February 3/4 at Crystal Palace
  • February 10/11 at the London Aquatic Centre

See Qualifying & considerations times attached.

Entries are now Open.

Don t forget to enter all events you have a QT or CT. Some Consideration times will be rejected but KCASA will do their best to accept as many swimmers as possible.

Do not Pay for your entries until you have been invoiced.