London Regional Youth Championships 2018

05 May 2018 (01:00 AM) - 07 May 2018 (01:00 AM)
April, 16 2018



All Qualifiers as per Eligibility Report - Please note only times in white boxes are eligible times - the times in grey boxes are ineligible times and cannot be used.  When entering your child into races online, please do not enter them where a race has a red time next to it (this means they are ineligible to swim that race).  Please note that although you can enter with Consideration Times please be aware some or all of these could be rejected.  Please just enter your child's races online and I will sort out collection of payment as and when I know which races are accepted/rejected.  Please be aware that if you make an entry and then decide you do not want your child to swim that race, you must make that change yourself on Team Unify as all swimmers will be entered into the races as shown on Team Unify which have been input by parents.  Please note the deadline if 15th April.  After the Newham meet, please ensure you notify me by e-mail no later than Monday, 16th April of any additional Qualifying and Consideration Times your child achieves and wishes to swim and I will add at my end.


  1. A swimmer's age shall be determined as at midnight on December 31st 2018.
  2. Qualifying entry times must have been achieved on or subsequent to April 12th 2017 (i.e. in the 12 months immediately preceding the closing date for the Championships).
  3. All ParaSwimming Competitors seeking to enter using times which meet/exceed the published consideration times and conditions, must do so using the manual Individual Entry Form.
  4. Swimmers who have entered using a Consideration Time will only be added to an event (in order of fastest entry first) should the program not already have been filled by Swimmers who have entered using Qualifying Times. The London Swimming Events Team reserves the right to restrict the number of entries for any given event - regardless of qualification status - for safety and scheduling purposes.
  5. During these Championships, "Reverse" long-distance events will be available i.e. 800m FREE Male & 1500m FREE Female to permit competitors to obtain qualifying times for these events in the British Summer Championships 2018. Male competitors wishing to enter the 800m FREE must do so with qualifying ranked 400m FREE times. Female competitors wishing to enter the 1500m FREE must do so with qualifying ranked 800m FREE times. Regardless of the number of qualifying entries, a maximum of two heats of each event (in each competition, Youth & Age Group) will be run and entries will be accepted on a fastest first basis.