Basingstoke L3 Spring Open Meet

15 Apr 2018 (01:00 AM) - 22 Apr 2018 (01:00 AM)
March, 21 2018


Basingstoke Bluefins Swimming Club
Level 3 Spring Open Meet

Date: Sunday 15th and Sunday 22nd April

Venue: Aquadrome, Basingstoke

Fees: £6.00 per event and £3.00 admin fee. Fees to be collected via GoCardless.

Note: Please see note below from the meet hosts.  As this is a no spectator meet, swimmers are expected to remain on poolside until the end of their session.  If you would like to make other arrangements, please let the coach/TM know when you drop off your swimmer(s).  Also note slight change to warm up and session times.

Just to advise that the programme for our meet is on (and also attached).  No printed versions will be available so please ensure that you download all you need before you come.
As this is a no spectator meet can I please ask that you have a coach/team manager at the entrance to the Aquadrome in good time to receive all your swimmers before taking them poolside and that you ensure that you supervise the return all your swimmers back to their parents at the end of the meet. The Aquadrome is likely to be busy with members of the public swimming in the leisure pools so please ensure that you have control of your swimmers at all times. 
Parents will not be permitted past the cafe area - if you can also let them know that their is no wifi in this area - the nearest is Costa across the carpark (coffee is better too!).  Subject to technology gremlins we will be posting live results on as well as the more low key - results sheets on the pool and cafe walls.  Basingstoke Town centre is but a five minutes drive away should parents wish to take the opportunity while you are looking after their swimmers.
We will be allowing time trials to fill empty lanes for those swimmers already entered into our meet.  The form attached to the programme will need to be completed AND  signed by a club coach before this form is handed to our tech team as clubs will be invoiced after the event for any time trials.  Time trials are on a first come first served basis on the day of the event only and subject to their being empty lanes.

Draft Program of Events

Upper Qualifying Times