BSC Club Championships 2017 - Session 6 - FINAL ARRANGEMENTS

11 Dec 2017
December, 11 2017
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Hi Everyone

The BSC Club Championships 2017 conclude with Session 6 next Monday, 11th December.  Races on the night will be:

  • 100m Breaststroke 
  • 200m Individual Medley (10/over)
  • 200m Butterfly

GALA ETIQUETTE - Our referees have kindly asked that ALL SWIMMERS & PARENTS be aware of the following: 

  • There needs to be SILENCE at the start of a race and NO MOVING AROUND.  As soon as the long whistle blows, EVERYONE needs to stop moving and be silent.
  • We like to do 'over the top' starts as this speeds things up.  Parents please remind your swimmers that once they have finished their race they should not be getting out of the pool until instructed or until the next race has started.
  • Please ensure that all your children (swimmers & non-swimmers) are suitably supervised when up in the Gallery.
  • Please ensure that when your swimmers come up to the gallery that they are wearing something on their feet and not dripping wet!!


  • Sign In takes place between 5.15pm-6pm on the night & will be located behind the welcome desk in the foyer.  Swimmers must sign in for EACH EVENT that they have entered. There may be a queue on the night so please be patient & please be aware that the Spa is still open to other members at this time.
  • Warm Up will begin at 6pm & this session will begin with Girls - swimmers are reminded that they are NOT allowed on poolside until 6pm & ONLY once a coach is present.
  • The competition will start at 6.30pm promptly.


We are always in need of our club officials, so If anyone is available to officiate and hasn't let either David or myself know yet, please get in contact. In order that this gala fulfils its licence obligations I just wanted to remind you all that officials now need to be J1 in training or above with timekeeping signed off.  If anyone is interested in becoming one of our licensed officials, please email David Ziwa (davidziwa@hotmail.com).


Thank you to all those that have volunteered to help at our Club Champs.   If anyone else would like to help, please contact me.  The roles are not that difficult and you will always be shown what to do.  I am short of one persion to Marshall on Monday & 1 person to cover entry, so please get in touch if you are able to help out.

Lastly to all our Swimmers, we hope you have a great competition and to our Spectators, we want to hear you all cheering everyone on!


Lindsey Davison