Beckenham Easter Open at the LAC

30 Mar 2018 (01:00 AM) - 01 Apr 2018 (01:00 AM)
January, 29 2018
National Development (NDS),Regional Development (RDS) ([* ALL Locations *])


Qualifying swimmers from the Joint Sr. Squad and the Regional Squad will be entered to race in this 3 day competition taking place at the LAC. 

A final entry report has been posted below.  Please check the entry closely becuase unfortunately as we expected we had a number of scratches to our entry, including some swimmers being cut completely from the meet. 


Event 1

Girls 800m Freestyle

Event 2

Boys 1500m Freestyle

SATURDAY 31ST MARCH 2018- Sessions 2, 3, and 4

Event 3

Boys 400m IM

Event 8

Girls 400m Freestyle

Event 13

Boys 100m Freestyle

Event 4

Girls 200m IM

Event 9

Boys 200m Freestyle

Event 14

Girls 200m Butterfly

Event 5

Boys 100m Butterfly

Event 10

Girls 200m Breaststroke

Event 15

Boys 100m Backstroke

Event 6

Girls 200m Backstroke

Event 11

Boys 50m Butterfly

Event 16

Girls 50m Breaststroke

Event 7

Boys 100m Breaststroke

Event 12

Girls 50m Backstroke

Event 17

Boys 50m Freestyle

SUNDAY 1ST APRIL 2018- Sessions 5, 6, and 7

Event 18

Girls 400m IM

Event 23

Boys 400m Freestyle

Event 28

Girls 100m Freestyle

Event 19

Boys 200m IM

Event 24

Girls 200m Freestyle

Event 29

Boys 200m Butterfly

Event 20

Girls 100m Butterfly

Event 25

Boys 200m Breaststroke

Event 30

Girls 100m Backstroke

Event 21

Boys 200m Backstroke

Event 26

Girls 50m Butterfly

Event 31

Boys 50m Breaststroke

Event 22

Girls 100m Breaststroke

Event 27

Boys 50m Backstroke

Event 32

Girls 50m Freestyle