Herts ASA Club Championships Weekend 2

27 Jan 2018 - 28 Jan 2018 (12:00 PM)
December, 15 2017
Coaches, SQU - Clu, SQU - J1, SQU - P1, SQU - P2


Weekend 2 of the Herts County Champs.  Good luck everyone.

Slightly amended information on the Warm up schedule -



The footage of Session 8 (the 50 Freestyle session) will be available on usb sticks for pre order - we will take orders and have them ready for delivery on weekend 3.
Each usb stick will cost £5.
If you would like a copy please email bryan.thompson@btinternet.com with your request and bring payment at the weekend.
If there is a demand for this we will look to expand the offering in 2019
Please find listed warm up timings for weekend 2 of HASA 2018 County Championships. 
If you would be so kind to share with your swimmers and parents.
Weekend 2 27/28th January Warm up times:
Warm Up: Any changes to stated warm up times will be advised to the coaches
Reminder: Warm up will not start any earlier than the stated times. But may be later dependent on the time taken for the previous session. We aim to start the session 1 hour after warm up start time.   
Saturday 27th January
Session 6
Warm up 08:30 Session starts 09:30
Session 7
Warm up NO EARLIER THAN 12:45
Session 8
Warm up NO EARLIER THAN 17:30
Sunday 28th January
Session 9
Warm up 08:30 Session starts 9:30
Session 10
Warm up NO EARLIER THAN 12:45