London 2018 May Open Meet - Accepted/Rejected entries are in!

26 May 2018 (01:00 AM) - 27 May 2018 (01:00 AM)
May, 7 2018
C3,Elite,Gold,Junior,Top ([* ALL Locations *])


Accepted/ Rejected Entries have been Published, as well as revised timings

- QTs

- Promoter's conditions

- Event Schedule

- only times achieved at L1/L2/L3 galas are elligible no club champs or unlicensed times will be accepted

- Because this is the last gala inside the National window and the Qualifying Times are quite generous, it is very popular, so expect lots of rejections, the fastest swimmers will be given priority.

- refunds will only be given for Rejected events. If you withdraw after the deadline, you will not be refunded for that particular event.

- Only swimmers are allowed to bring their own food. Everyone else can only eat food purchased at the LAC

- Important Note: The times achieved at the Youths and the BlackLion gala will be entered in TU as soon as possibe after the completion of the galas, however, I can't promise that the BlackLion results will be loaded into the ASA rankings on time for them to be used here. This depends on how quickly the promoter sends the results to the ASA and how quickly the ASA loads them. For the Youths, the meet manager sends them on the day so I am not worried there.