Black Swan Regional Qualifier

24 Mar 2018 - 25 Mar 2018
February, 9 2018
1.1 Performance,1.2 Platinum,1.3 Mercury,1.4 Gold,1.5 Silver,2.1 Club,2.2 Bronze,2.3 Blue ([* ALL Locations *])


Now open for entries. 

This level 3 meet is suitable for Squads Blue and above. Closing date 9th Feb.

Mercury Squad are not due to attend this gala.  Mercury - if you wish to swim you need to have discussed it with Andreas as a courtesy BEFORE entering the meet.  Once you have discussed racing needs with Andreas please email to confirm that you have.  

Please see the documents below for the schedule and timetable.

See attached QTs doc (the SE Regional QT table, for info).  These are LC times.  You may NOT enter this gala if your fastest times (LC or converted SC) are the same as or faster than the AUTO column for your age-group and you would have your entry rejected and lose your entry fee.

Black Swan Regional Qualifier

Excel - Walton - On - Thames - KT12 2JG