Surrey Age Group Spring Meet 2018

07 Apr 2018 (01:00 AM)
March, 18 2018
1.4 Gold,1.5 Silver,2.1 Club,2.2 Bronze,2.3 Blue ([* ALL Locations *])


The finish times may change for sessions 2 and 3 this weekend as  they may need to run with six lanes due to insufficient volunteers.
Start times will not change from those shown in the current Key Times Report.
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Start times have changed

  • Sessions 1 and 4 on Saturdays will start at 3pm (one hour later) and finish one hour later
  • Sessions 2 and 5 on Sundays will start at 10:30am (30 mins later) and finish at the original scheduled time

Gala runs on 7th/8th and 14/15th April.

Promoters conditions are attached giving all details of schedule and QTs.

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