Time Keeping Course at Club Champs Age Group Night 1

19 May 2018 (05:30 PM) - 19 May 2018 (08:00 PM)
April, 28 2018
[* ALL Squads *] (All Pools)


At our first Club Champs Age Group Night in  Amersham on the 19th May, we are going to give an any parents an opportunity to learn about timekeeping.

As a club, it is required that we have enough suitably trained timekeepers for our galas and this session will give you a chance to learn about whats involved to be a timekeeper and by the end of the night become a qualified timekeeper.

This event is to allow you to register your interest for the timekeeping part of the gala, please click on edit commitment, click on your name and select yes please sign up for the event.

If you have any specific questions, please contact alexvane@chalfontotters.org.uk


Chalfont Otters