Latymer March Time Trials

18 Mar 2018
March, 16 2018
Black,Blue,Junior Development,Silver,Yellow ([* ALL Locations *])


This competition will give swimmers from the Yellow, Blue, Black, Green, and Silver squads an opportunity to focus on racing skills when they matter most…in a race!

Swimmers aged 10 and younger (11 year olds with little to no competition experience may also enter) will be able to sign up to compete in  various strokes and distances throughout the afternoon giving them the chance to simulate a competitive racing environment in a more  relaxed atmosphere so that they are  more prepared and calmer in their next (or first) big club competition.
The meet will not be licensed by the ASA, but individuals and clubs will be able to use these times as a great  indicator of progress, as well as using the times to enter  lower level competitions like club champs and Development Meets.
This meet will take place at the Latymer Prep pool in Hammersmith on Sunday March 18th from 1pm-5pm. Members of the CWSC/BSC Sr. Perf squad will be on hand to help support the swimmers throughout the afternoon. 
Event Schedule 
50m Backstroke  
50m Breaststroke
50m Butterfly
25m Butterfly 
50m Freestyle
100m Individual IM
Swimmers will be charged  £5 per race entered and should only enter if they intend on swimming on the day as no refunds will be offered without medical note from doctor/hospital. 

Parking at the pool is limited so try to use Public Transport if possible. Ravenscourt Park is the nearest tube station. The sports centre is on the south side of the A4 and there is a subway to the East of Ravenscourt Road if you arrive from this direction. The entrancee to the Centre is on Rivercourt Road. The address for Latymer Upper School is King Street, Hammersmith, W6 9LR but do remember that this is North of the A4.

The black gate will be open to allow you access to the meet. Ring the buzzer or call the number if you have any problems getting in.
It is advisable to arrive at the pool 15 mins early with swimming costume under clothes as changing facilities will be very busy. While on poolside swimmers are advised to wear a t-shirt and shorts and flip flops or sliders. These can be taken off while waiting at the blocks for their race and collected after the heat.
Please remember, each heat is not a race. It does not matter who comes first or last in each heat as you may be in a heat with different age groups with varying experience. Just encourage your swimmer to swim to the best of their ability. It is about getting race experience and a bench mark time.
The event starts with warm up at 1pm and the pool is booked until 5pm. The organisers will have an estimate on the finish time once all entries have been accepted.