Part 2 of J1 Course - Sat 17 March 2018

17 Mar 2018 (02:00 PM) - 17 Mar 2018 (03:30 PM)
March, 15 2018
15 March 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


We are running the next part of the J1 Course - Part 2 on Saturday 17th March 2018, at 2pm.  The course will be held in the Studio at the Windrush Lesiure Centre, Witney and will last for about 1.5hrs.

According to our records you have completed Part1 of your J1 course and some of you have been timekeepers at a number of competitions since then.  We also have some brand new timekeepers who completed Part 1 on 17th February. 

This course on 17th March is suitable for all of you and is the classroom, theory element (not a practical session).   Only those who have completed Part 1 of the J1 course may attend this theory session.  

It’s fantastic that we have more members who have done the Part 1.  It is essential though that we also move you all through the J1 course in order that our swimmers may have the best opportunity to take part in development galas, competitions and open meets.  You'll be pleased to know tha we do plan on holding another timekeeper course for other parents of junior swimmers as the more qualified members we have the more the jobs can be spread around.

You can undertake this Part 2 even if you haven’t had much opportunity to do some timekeeping (very much the case for our new timekeepers).  Don’t forget we have Diddies heats on 16th & 18th March – so you can practise your timekeeping skills then!

Gill Cadle has kindly agreed to come and conduct Part 2 of the course and we would be very grateful if as many of you as possible could sign up via Teamunify for this course – see Job sign up.

Thank you for commencing your J1 journey and assisting W&DSC and our swimmers!  It is hugely appreciated.