Motivational Speaker - Dr Joydeep Ghosh

25 Mar 2018 (05:45 PM) - 25 Mar 2018 (07:00 PM)
March, 20 2018
P1 ([* ALL Locations *])


This event is currently offered to P1 Swimmers Only - Deadline for sign up is Tuesday 20th March 2018 - Limited number of places remain so do not delay!

Dear P1 Swimmers, Parents / Guardians / Carers,

The Club has arranged for Dr Joydeep Ghosh to come along and give a motivational talk to all P1 swimmers on Sunday 25th March 2018 at the Furzefield Sports Centre. Swimmers will need to be at the pool by 4.45pm for a prompt start at 5pm and to be dressed in gym gear with trainers as there will some exercises during the session.

This is an exciitng development for the club. Dr Joydeep Ghosh has recently returned from a Marbella training camp where he has been working with athletes on the GB Triathlon Team, so has first hand experience of working with high performance athletes. He is i s a Consultant in Critical Care and Anaesthetics in the NHS. His job is saving the lives of the most critically ill patients brought to hospital, where having the ability to perform under pressure is vital. This led to an interest in "High Performance States" - the ability to perform at your best in extreme pressure situations. For the past 7 years he has been teaching surgeons, athletes and business leaders the secrets of "getting in the zone" to maximise their performance.

Dr Ghosh has a background in Medical Education, Coaching, Mentoring, Language and Behaviour Profiling and is a Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Combining these techniques he is uniquely qualified to help our swimmers improve their motivation, set goals and maximise their potential by performing when it matters most. His techniques are just as transformational when applied to other areas of life, such as school work, exams and business. 


He is also passionate about saving lives by teaching teenagers Life Support, and has given a TEDx Talk on the subject which can be accessed on this link https://youtu.be/I5iCghvIS4M . This is well worth taking the time to watch.   


There are a limited number of places for this motivational session so if you would like to attend please sign up via Team Unify as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. All swimmers will be expected to train in the Sunday evening session that night which starts at 6.15pm.


Kind regards,


Chris Andrew

For and on behalf of the PBSC Coaching Team