Dulwich Dolphins Summer Development Meet 2018

21 Apr 2018 (01:00 AM)
April, 19 2018
20 April 2018
(this is a team hosted event)
2.3 Blue,2.4 Otters,2.5 Dolphins,3.1 Sharks,4.1 Development (Saturday group),4.2 Dev. Sun 10.30am (Kane),4.3 Dev. Sun 11.30am (Reece) ([* ALL Locations *])


The Dulwich Dolphins Summer Development Meet 2018 will be held at JAGs pool on 21 April 4.30pm-8.00pm.

2.3 Blue,2.4 Otters,2.5 Dolphins,3.1 Sharks (Orange),3.2 Sharks (Green),3.2 Sharks (White),4.1 Development (Saturday group) (Multiple Locations) 


We have a lot of exciting racing to get through at our Summer Dev Meet on Saturday (21 April).

Please arrive promptly at JAGs sports centre for 4.20 for swimmers to get changed in time to start warm-up at 4.30.

And of course we'd still love volunteers to help on poolside - no experience necessary at all and it's fun and helps your swimmers and Club.  Just email away to competitions@dulwichdolphins.com  Your Club needs you.

For those fabulous parents who have already signed-up can you get to the pool at 4.20 to drop your swimmers off to change and we'll meet at 4.30 in the control room (on right as you go through to the spectator gallery by the main enterance to poolside) to run through roles?  Wear white if you have it and clean shoes for poolside, but not to worry about the colour of clothing, enthusiasm matters way more.  Bring drinks - it's very hot on poolside.  

All - please remember to bring plenty for your swimmers to drink - it's going to be hot.  Even so, they will need a technical t-shirt/similar to keep them dry on poolside and clean flip-flops/clean pool shoes if you have them. 

Your Dulwich Dolphins Competitions Team.

Events Programme:

  1. 200m Freestyle: ( Selected Dolphins Swimmers + Blue Squad)
  2. 50m Breaststroke
  3. 25m Backstroke ( 8 years and under only)
  4. 50m Butterfly
  5. 25m Breaststroke ( 8 years and under only
  6. 100m Ind Medley