Alton Beer Festival - Volunteering

31 May 2018 (07:45 PM) - 03 Jun 2018 (02:00 PM)
May, 31 2018
11 May 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


Dear Parents/Guardians of Swimmers,

As you know our fantastic swimming club is a not-for-profit organization and we rely on the generous time and support of our members who volunteer and ensure our children are part of a thriving and competitive swimming club.
As such, we apply for funding from various organisations – one of them is our very own Alton Beer Festival who generously donate money to local causes in return for a bit of volunteering at the beer festival.   Each year they ask local clubs and causes to apply for a donation.  This is money for virtually nothing so it’s well worth it.
So, all they ask in return is a bit of help running the Beer Festival sessions.  I have listed below the time slots they have ask for help with.  
  •  Thursday 31st May 18:45 - Set Up - Usual tasks/duties involving racking the beers, moving tables chairs etc.

  • Friday 1st June 18:30 - Usual Friday night session serving beer/cider/wine. 

  • Saturday 2nd June 10:30 - Usual Lunchtime session as above

  • Saturday 2nd June 18:30 - As above

  • Sunday 3rd June 11:00 (TBC) - Clear Up - Usual tasks of tidying up and getting the college looking normal again! 

Please, please if you can spare some time please can you step up to help with one of the following sessions as the more we pitch in the more likely we will receive a much needed donation!!
Your time and effort would be greatly appreciated – if you don’t fancy pulling pints then there is set up and clear up.
Please do use the 'Job Signup' button to volunteer!  (Deadline 11 May 18 -ish)
Thank you
Caroline Steiner
Parent Volunteer