City of Oxford L3 Meet

22 Sep 2018 - 23 Sep 2018
July, 11 2018
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Location: Leys Pools and Leisure Centre, Pegasus Rd, Blackbird Leys, Oxford OX4 6JL

Age as at last day of Meet, in this case Sept 23rd 2018

Age groups - Age groups will be 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16+ 

Event Entry Fees - £7.00 per event 


You must notify Sharon MacNab by email/in person which events you wish to enter before Wednesday 11th July at 9pm. The programme of events are available in the meet pack. Absolutely NO LATE ENTRIES will be processed. Sharon's email is meetsecretary@outlook.com

Please note NO TIMES (NT's) and Coaches times are not allowable for this meet. There is no 100 IM at this meet.

This is a first come/first served meet and will be subject to acceptance.

You must then declare your intention to enter on team unify by selecting ACCEPT/DECLINE, then select yes.

This meet is subject to change.

Coaches Guidance:

Nationals/Youth/Age 14 hrs -
100m Fly, Back, Breast and Free plus 200m IM and two other 200m events are mandatory. Aim to swim either/both 400m free and 400m IM, aiming to swim a minimum two swims per session. The aim is to update a variety of events and try new events early season to start implementing training focus into race processes.  
Age 10/12 & Junior Development -
You need to enter a wide range of events to update a variety of times. The 200m IM is a 'must swim'. You should enter an additional two 200m events, three 100m events and 2-3 50m events. If you are unsure of which races to enter please talk to your coach. 
Platinum Academy -
Please try to enter all four 50m events and the two to three 100m events to gain a wide range of experience. Additional events may be added, if talked through and agreed with your coach. 
Gold Academy -
If you have entered a couple of Splash galas already and are feeling confident with your racing then please enter as many of the 50m events as you feel confident with and if you are also confident with it, the 100m events. You are not under any pressure to enter these yet, so if you don't feel ready, that's ok. If you aren't sure, please talk to your coach. 
Swim Fit-
Please enter a wide range of events if possible.