HCASA Open and Junior Championships 2018

22 Sep 2018 - 23 Sep 2018
07 September 2018


This is a new competition introduced by Hampshire ASA with 2 catergories: under 17 and open (as at 31st Dec 18)

Entry will be via our online entry system. Dont try to enter directly yourself as it says if a club enters via entry file it will overwrite any entries previously recieved so if you have already entered your entry would be lost if I dont know about it.

 Entry system is a bit different for this meet. Entries have to be long course or short course not converted so there are 2 links, 1 for short course times and 1 for long course times. So that swimmers dont have to pay 2 lots of admin if only entering 2 events we have set the admin fee to be 50p per event entered. 

If you have a mix of sc and lc times you will need to make 2 entries, one for sc and the other for lc.

The short course link is

The long course link is