Cornwall Development Gala

02 Dec 2018
October, 30 2018
Development - 2 swims,Development Plus - 3 swims,F1 - 3 swims ([* ALL Locations *])


This is a great first gala to do outside of the club environment and many of the clubs swimmers started their competitive careers competing at this event.

Swimmers who are keen to progress in the club should be undertaking some competition external to the club events.

We have always done well at the Development Gala and will be looking to get a lot of new personal best times and medals to come home with.

Entry for this Meet is £5.50 per event plus £3.50 per swimmer. Closing date is Tuesday 30th October .

Please take note of the ruling for this Meet as some swimmers may qualify for events that are highlighted as too fast to swim on On Deck. If this is the case please email me.