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Gloucester Level 2 Open Meet

19 Oct 2018 - 21 Oct 2018
September, 8 2018
Swimming Age Development,Swimming Age Performance,Swimming Coaches,Swimming Competition 1,Swimming Senior/Youth Performance,Swimming Skill Development (Hengrove Leisure Centre)


Gloucester Autumn Level 2 Open Meet

GL1 Leisure Centre, Gloucester

Following the alteration to the short course competition programme by British Swimming in 2017/18, things are back to normal for the 2018/19 season, and the Gloucester Level 2 open meet in October is an ideal opportunity to obtain qualifying times for winter short course nationals.

This is an early season target meet:

  • All swimmers with 4 or more qualifying times should enter this meet. Where possible swimmers should enter a range of events, due to this being an early season meet.
  • Age Development and Skill Development with qualifying times should target the 200 IM, two additional 200’s, and a range of other events not to total more than 5 per day.
  • Youth Competition should enter a wide range of events and target entering at least two swims in two sessions per day, or two swims in three sessions on one day and only one session on the remaining day.
  • Age Performance and Youth Performance should confirm their entries with their coach. The target should be to swim a wide variety, and stick to the scheduling as per Youth Competition.

Please read the meet pack before the event as it contains important information about the sign-in process for each session.

2 October Update:

This meet is under-subscribed and all entries have been accepted. The long distance events that were previously scheduled to take place on Friday 19 October will now be swum during the programme on Saturday 20th. The Friday evening session has been removed. 

800m events will now be run at the end of session 2, after event 8

1500m events will now be run at the end of session 3, after event 13

18 October Update

The GL1 pool is currently closed for urgent repairs. The earliest update on the progress of those works will not be issued by the leisure centre until sometime in the morning of Friday 19 October. At the moment the open meet is still going ahead however please check back here during Friday for further messages.

19 October Update

We have received confirmation that the meet is going ahead as scheduled.