Hereford Winter Open Meet

17 Nov 2018 - 18 Nov 2018
August, 22 2018
16 November 2018
(this is a team hosted event)
Development Performance 1, Development Performance 2


Hi All

Please find attached information and entry form for your first target open meet in Development Performance.

This open meet is at Herford and on both Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th November.


This is a target open meet for Development Performance and you are therefore, as per the Sharks Handbook, expected to enter and compete on both days (all training sessions over this weekend will be cancelled).

We would like you all to enter 2-3 events per a session. For this meet the swimmer may choose themselves which of the events per session to enter.

If you are unsure on what to enter please speak to Guy.


This is a level 3 open meet and is aimed towards swimmers who are aiming for County and Regional qualifying times. Therefore the meet will fill quickly and offers a first come first served policy. We therefore need to ensure we receive all entries back as soon as possible in order not to be refused entry. 


Although in the pack it states the closing date is Thursday 25th October we have been informed that last year they closed the open meet at the start of September as it was full. With this in mind we are making the closing date for Development Performance entries Wednesday 8th August 2018 – 7pm.

Once I have received the entries, I will then send out an entry file email. This will show all swimmers who have entered and what they have entered. This will have a 24 hour turn round for checking. It is your responsibility as the parent of the swimmer to check this entry file. If there are any problems or mistakes, you will need to contact me as soon as possible for me to amend them, if I do not hear from you I assume it is correct. Once the file has gone to the hosting club we are unable to make any changes and we are then Unable to issue refunds.


When we send the entries over to the hosting club we have to send payment with the entries, which is why we require payment from yourselves at time of submitting your entry form. If we were refused entry due to the meet being full the funds would be refunded to us immediately.  If this was to happen we would try and find an alternative meet as soon as possible around the same time and with the same events so we can transfer them over. However this is not always possible but please don’t worry we will be in touch with you to let you know what is happening as soon as we know.


I don’t have time to individually email every swimmer to let them know that we have been accepted into a meet, so we run on the basis that no news is good news. I will contact you if there is an issue with anything. Once an open meet has closed normally within 2 weeks of the closing date an acceptance list or draft programme will go on there website which you can check yourselves if you wish to. 


All entries must be completed on the Sharks entry form attached to this email, and sent to   Payment then needs to be made within 24 hours of entry.


Thank you