Kent County Championships 2019 - Updated Distance QTs!

19 Jan 2019 - 10 Feb 2019
January, 7 2019


Update 25/11/18 - Updated Distance QTs as well as promoter's conditions, and Relay programme are ow available.

Please note the Relay events will take place on the 17th of March at the new 25m Dover Pool

For those attending the KWSS gala on the 5/6th of Jan, please email me a photo/proof of your PBs (and only the PBs) by the 7th.

First Leg of Relays Times Are Not Elligible for entry, so even if TU loads those times, do not rely on those, they won't be accepted.

Revised Programme and Location, see attached

The dates in 2019 are:

    Jan 19/20 - LAC
    Jan 26/27 - Crystal palace
    Feb 2/3 - Crystal Palace
    Feb 9/110 - Crystal Palace

   17/03 - Relays - Dover

The team championship info will be released shortly, incl. updated 800/1500 QTs, so watch this space.

Also, for those new to the County champs, your child has to turn 10 or above by the the 31/12/2019. Anyone turning 9 or under in 2019 is not elligible.

Times have to be achieved at a Licensed gala, in an individual event. First legs of relays as well as unlicensed galas (KJL, Chislehurst dual meet, etc.), or times achieved at training are not elligible. The times have to be loaded into the ASA rankings, on or after the published date (assuming it'll be the 01/01/2018, but TBC)


Message from Kent County:

Following the last email, we have now managed to secure the first weekend of the championships at LAC. This means a significant change to the programme. 

As a result the very tough 1500/800 times originally published will be relaxed to be the same standard as last year. There will be separate gender 800/1500 rather than mixed.

The sprints move to weekend one.

Please see the revised programme attached. The full pack with the new QT's (for 1500/800) will be out soon.

Note for the new 800/1500 there are only consideration times, its new to the swimmers and the organisers, so we are keeping a degree of flexibility.  The 1st 3 of the "new" gender will be selected, the balance of entries being from the next fastest from both genders. Both events will swim on the same day, so we expect swimmers will choose rather than swim both.