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    Date: 17 December 2018 at 13:31:17 GMT
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    Subject: [WDSC] Club Performance Gala - Saturday 19th January 2019
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    Hi all,

    The next club performance gala will be held at 1610 on Saturday 19th January from 4-9pm. Please find the entry form attached.

    If you wish to enter, please hand the entry and payment to the signing in desk by Friday 11th January. Late entries will not be accepted.

    The Club Performance Gala is a ‘closed competition’ as only members of our club can enter. There are no upper or lower age limits.

    For some swimmers this will be the first opportunity to compete or the first opportunity to try a new or less preferred event or distance so swimmers in all squads are recommended to participate in events according to their ability, and, for some swimmers, at the discretion of their coach.

    Coaches will help/advise when completing the entry forms. Where swimmers have not previously recorded a time for an event they wish to enter, you should speak to their squad coach about their entry and note the entry form clearly to indicate a “NT”.

    The exact schedule for each gala will be slightly different and the details are shown on the entry form.

    The number of entrants to some events may be restricted due to time limits for running the whole gala. Some events are restricted to certain squads only.

    Times from this event can be used to enter licenced open meets along with the County events of the Dorset Graded Meet in April and Dorset Development Meet in July. They are also used when selecting swimmers for WDSC team events.

    More details are available at the WDSC desk or send me an email.

    Jo Ray

    Competitions Secretary (Internal)

    West Dorset Swimming Club