London Region Winter Champs 2018

03 Nov 2018 - 04 Nov 2018
October, 8 2018
Elite,Top ([* ALL Locations *])


This gala does not fit into our coaches Training plan for the season 2018-2019, however David agreed swimmers could attend.

There will be no coach during the entire event, but there will be a Team Manager.

Qualified Officials, please contact Kay Grimshaw ( as soon as possible as London Swimming are desperate for help.


17/10/18 Update:

Message from the promoter

Good evening all,


I’m pleased to announce that the London Swimming Events Team have not needed to reject any qualifying entries for this years’ Winter Championships; therefore all submitted qualifying times have been accepted.


Please see the attached Accepted Entries Report (in two formats).

For the 800FR event, where male entries were invited using a qualifying 400FR time; the 400FR entry time has been doubled and 20 seconds added to permit a more even seeding of the heats.

For the 1500FR event, where female entries were invited using a qualifying 800FR time; the 800FR entry time has been doubled to permit a more even seeding of the heats.

Can I ask you to “sanity check” your Club’s entries for errors and to advise me of any concerns by 5pm on Friday 19/10?

Thank you for supporting our meet and I would ask you again to provide support in terms of Qualified Officials and Non-Technical Volunteers; forwarding the details of those that can help to Kay Grimshaw (


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Nick Hallam