Peanuts League 2019 - Round 2 Blue Team

08 Jun 2019
May, 23 2019


Warm up is 6.30 - so please arrive by 6.15 at the Furzefield.


Potters Bar 18:30 for 19:00

Lane 1


Lane 2

Stevenage (RECORDING)

Lane 3

Potters Bar

Lane 4


Lane 5

Hoddesdon (HOSTS)

Lane 6

Hatfield B



The team selected is as follows: -

Boys team: Oliver Meier, Luca Bertossa Padin, Rafi Foreman, Finley Barber, Hanson Chan, Louis Hochenberg, Harry Whytock, Kabir Patel, Danny Foreman, Alex Ball, Samuel Barnett, Ethan Howard, Jack Patrick, James Renton, Koby Cornwell

Girls Team: Cassandra Pereira, Lucy Barnard, Valentina Tinnirello, Isabella Savage, Emily Clarke, Aksinia Ivanova, Wiktoria Lasek, Sophie Taylor, Jasmine Pereira, Zara Urus, Isabel Feeney, Lilly Blount, Thea Patel, Jess Bright, Louise Savage


Please remember that it is the Clubs policy that you must wear a PBSC Hat and T-Shirt (please allow enough time to order) when representing the Club. These items are available from Brenda Heesom our Kit Manager who can be located on the balcony most Friday evenings. 

It is important that you confirm that you are able to swim by declaring on TU whether you are attending and by Close on Thursday 23rd May at the very latest. Early replies are always appreciated as if you are unable to swim we need to select other swimmers.
Please keep your diary free on 6th July for the Final Round of Peanuts if you are selected.
Lastly can I ask that your children remain on poolside until the end of the evening or permission given by coach to go and get changed. This is important because this is a team event and your children should be supporting the rest of the team right to the end.  They might also be asked to swim in the squadron if last minute changes are required and so they can hear where the team has come in the competition and for celebration of the evenings events as a team.