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London Region Summer Age Group Championships (11/12, 13 & 14 Years)

11 May 2019 - 12 May 2019
April, 10 2019


Venue: London Aquatic Centre

2019 Summer Summer Championships (11/12, 13 &14 Years)
including mixed 800m Free & 1500m Free (1 11/12, 13 &14   Years)

  1. A swimmer's age shall be determined as at midnight on December 31st 2019.
  2. The closing deadline for all entries and full payment is 10PM on WEDNESDAY 10TH APRIL 2019.
  3. Qualifying entry times must have been achieved on or subsequent to WEDNESDAY 18TH APRIL 2018 (i.e. in the 12 months immediately preceding the closing date for the Championships).
  4. Masters times, registered with the SwimEngland Rankings database, which meet/exceed the published qualifying times and conditions, will be accepted. Competitors seeking to enter using these times should do so using the manual Individual Entry Form.
  5. All ParaSwimming Competitors seeking to enter using times which meet/exceed the published consideration times and conditions, must do so using the manual Individual Entry Form.
  6. During these Championships, both 1500FR & 800FR long-distance events will be available to all competitors regardless of gender and shall be swum in a mixed format with awards being split by gender and age-group. Swimmers wishing to enter these events must have a qualifying time for the event being entered i.e. there is no equivalency/alternative option for qualifying.
  7. Coach/Team Manager Passes may be applied for here - 2019 Coach Pass Application - Enquiries should be sent by email to Jeanette Edmiston

  • The Championships shall be open to team event entries only from clubs affiliated to London Swimming as defined by the ASA.
  • All teams shall consist of 4 members.
  • A competitor entered in the name of one club in an individual event may not compete in the name of another club in a team event.
  • Clubs may enter one or more teams but club members shall swim for one team only.
  • When submitting team entries, clubs must provide a list of names, including date of birth and ASA number from which the competing team(s) will be drawn.
  • “Team List” form(s) must be returned to the Meet Manager, by email, no later than 10PM on SATURDAY 20TH APRIL 2019.
  • “Team Order of Swim” form(s) must be returned to the Meet Manager, by email, no later than 6pm, on the day preceding the day on which the Team Event is due to be run.
  • Only changes required to the “Team Order of Swim” due to illness/injury will be accepted on the day of competition providing the substitute name(s) are already on the declared/submitted "Team List".

  • Entry to spectate the meets shall cost £10.00 per day (regardless of arrival/departure time) for all adults (16 years old and over).
  • Entry to spectate the meets shall be free-of-charge for all children (15 years old and younger).
  • Printed programmes shall be available - WHILST STOCKS LAST - free-of-charge with paid entry.
  • We encourage all attendees to download and print the programmes at home to ensure that you are not disappointed on the day should stocks be depleted prior to your arrival (see below).

  • Live Results, Start Lists, Medals Tables and Points Tables will be published online throughout the event and can be found here -
  • Medals Table published on the Live Results is accurate.
  • Top Club Table is based on top 8 swimmers in all Individual HDW & Finals Races and all Team Races.
  • Top Boy & Girl Tables are based on the same criteria as Top Club - hence why Club Names appear (just ignore please). These tables are indicative only and may not correctly identify the winners of the Awards for these categories.