Maxwell L3 SC Dec Open Meet

01 Dec 2018 - 02 Dec 2018
December, 2 2018


1st / 2nd Dec 2018

Aquavale, Aylesbury, HP20 1DX

Licence Number:  3SE182577



This short course level 3 meet is ideal for setting county & regional times. This is suitable for all swimmers in Junior Performance, Fast Track, Competitive and Potenitial 1 & 2, who qualify. Age is on 31/12/18. Please enter a range of events, 2-3 per session with focus on events close to county qualification


Maxwell have been able to accommodate most of the entries to the meet.  They have needed to apply scraches in sessions 2 and 5.  This has been applied in accordance with the promoter's conditions by looking at the percentage away from each age groups county qualification times and the slowest swimmers in relation to these times have been scratched to bring the running time and numbers within permitted levels.  If you see SCR next to a swim then the swimmer has been scratched from this event.

Further information closer to the meet will be available but confirmed session times are:

Session 1/4
Warm up 8am - 8.25am
Racing 8.30am - approx. 9.30am

Session 2/5
Warm up 9.55am - 10.55am
Racing 11am - approx. 2pm

Session 3/6
Warm up 2.40pm - 3.40pm
Main session 3.45pm - approx. 6.40pm

Could qualified officials sign up to support the meet?  To keep the meet licenced they do need the help of officials and really appreciate everything they do to support the swimmers.  The google poll is available at https://goo.gl/forms/PB4XEmXAG0JT1dZK2

Meet pack


Qualifying times:

Submitted times should be the swimmer's fastest recorded time since 9/4/18. In the event a swimmer does not have a time recorded since 9/4/18 they should use a previously recorded time from within the last 18 months (i.e. since 4/6/17). If a swimmer is found to have entered a time slower than their fastest time recorded on rankings since 9/4/18 then their entry will be rejected with no refund. In the event of needing to reject entries the promoter reserves the right to check times against rankings.