2019 London Swimming National TT - Meet Programme Attached

25 May 2019 - 26 May 2019
May, 13 2019


23/05/19 - Meet programme attached

21/05/19 - Timings attached

16/05/19 - Please see list of Accpeted entries attached.

Update 14/05/19: Entries have been reviewed by Dave (check your swimmer's entries in TU for eventual rejections) and submitted to London Swimming.

Everyone who qualified will be accepted, people outside qualifying times might get rejected, please bare that in mind


London Swimming affiliated competitors only
NO Para Swimming events.


Please note, I have set the entries up to be converted to LC: TU has some slight discrepancies when convertin to LC or SC, please bare that in mind.

However, London Swimming use Sportsys for entries, not TU, so when I enter your events, it'll use the fastest time from SC or LC, without converting those times. So rest assured the correct time will be sent to London Swimming