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Team Bath AS Autumn Level 2 Open Meet

16 Nov 2018 - 18 Nov 2018
October, 18 2018
Swimming Age Development,Swimming Age Performance,Swimming Competition 1,Swimming Senior/Youth Performance,Swimming University (Hengrove Leisure Centre,Swimming)



Team Bath AS Autumn Level 2 Open Meet

Hengrove Park Leisure Centre


Entry times are short course times however long course conversions will be accepted. You must have a valid entry time on Swim England rankings to enter an event.

Please note the short registration deadline for this meet.


Please accept our apology in the short notice re this event. The decision to enter this event has been a complicated one; we appreciate that a lot of weekends are already busy with swimming competitions, however due to the meet being at Hengrove and the impact it will have on training time, please enter as follows:

SEN / YOUTH PERFORMANCE - If you are close to Winter National times then please target those events; this weekend is a last chance to qualify. Due to missed training time, we would encourage all swimmers to read the event schedule carefully, and enter 2-3 sessions ONLY. Aim to swim 3-5 events.

AGE PERFORMANCE - Enter a variety of events and distances. Please talk with Marc re which events you should target. If you are swimming the Soundwell County Qualifier then please ONLY enter 2-3 sessions and aim to swim 3-5 events.

AGE DEVELOPMENT AND COMPETITION - Only enter this meet if you have more than 4 Qualifying times and you are NOT swimming at the Soundwell County Qualifer. Enter a variety of strokes and distances. Aim to enter 2 sessions in total on each day, and race a maximum of 5 events each day.