The Tape Trophy 2019

02 Mar 2019 (06:00 PM) - 02 Mar 2019 (08:30 PM)
February, 17 2019


Dear All

This is a reminder that you have agreed for your child to take part in the Tape Trophy gala this Saturday 2 March 2019. Please arrive at the pool in good time for the warm up which starts at 6pm followed by races at 6.30pm.

The confirmed swimmers are as follows:


Cassandra Pereira, Valentina Tinnirello, Lucy Barnard, Isabella Savage, Dijara Weeraratne, Kirsti Aspinall, Emily Clarke, Matilde De Gerlando, Wiktoria Lasek, Aksinia Ivanova, Amelie Grime, Serena Wilson, Mya Giuliani,Sude Ulas, Jasmine Pereira, Serene Harichi, Zara Urus, Isabel Feeney, Reena Adams, Sinead Miller, Hasti Hosseini, Olivia Kumar, Lucy Waller, Caroline Vernazzi, Avani Patel, Havin Bulut, Eva Foster, Jessica Bright, Louise Savage, Lilly Blount, Thea Patel, Gabriela Gomez Pavon, Emma Lord, Oliwia Czerniawska, Daisy Feinson, Sophia Mylona, Simone Aramesh, Charlotte Nead.



Harry Whytock, Finley Barber, Rafi Foreman, Olly Meier, Luca Bertossa Padin, Hanson Chan, Louis Hochenberg, Zayn Aiteouakrim, Coby Arazi, Kabir Patel, Alexander Mordenti, Brian Baum, Finley Talbot, Callum Venter, Ryan Sherman, JJ Sherwood, Joshua Corgan, Marco Tsangari, Mateusz Sambor, Andreja Nikolic, Samuel Barnett, Danny Foreman, Daniel Meier, Pranay Shah, Alexander Ball, Zhuoer Chen, Jack Clapper, Alex Derempeis, Kobe Behr, Rocco Tinnirello, Sammy Hirschfield, Neev Shah, Ethan Howard, James Renton, Charlie Clarke, Jack Patrick, Luke Martell, James Smith, Hau Hau Chan, Zachary Kapterian, James Yiasouma, Artem Apostoli, Amrit Chauhan and Cian McLoughlin

Children should report to the coaches on the poolside where they will be told which team they are in. We are very fortunate to have enough swimmers to enter 3 teams in this gala for the first time.

May I remind you that once children on on the poolside, parents are not allowed in the changing rooms until the gala has finished. There will be helpers and coaches to look after them. 

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday for a very exciting night of racing.

The Selection Committee