Kingston Royals New Year Meet - Final Information

05 Jan 2019 - 06 Jan 2019
November, 21 2018


If you signed up to take part in the Kingston meet this weekend please read the following information carefully.

Below you will find an accepted entry list. If your swimmer can no longer attend for some reason, we must formally withdraw them before the session starts. You can email me, or on the day let the coach know in time to submit a withdrawal form.

There is a link below to the programme of events including the warm-up, start and projected finish timings for each session. Be aware that there is no registration, but your swimmer does need to be on the poolside and ready to warm-up at the times stated.

Spectator entry at the Elmbridge Xcel Leisure Complex in Walton-on-Thames is £4 per session or £7 for the day. Lockers for swimmers need a £1 coin.

Time Trial entries may be available at a cost of £7 (or £8.50 for 400m events) by visiting the entrance desk to the viewing gallery ahead of the session.   

Chris - compsec@wandsworthsc.com

Entries are now open for the Kingston Royals New Year meet taking place at Elmbridge Xcel Leisure Complex on the weekend of January 5th and 6th. Please submit your entries by midnight on Friday 9th November.

Kingston is a 'last chance' meet because it's the final opportunity to qualify before the deadline for the Surrey County Champs a few days later. Swimmers should therefore focus on entering those events they have a realistic chance of attaining a Surrey qualifying time.

Below you will find all the key documents for Kingston including an eligibility report as a guide to who meets the Kingston qualifying standard (basically you can only enter events in white boxes, not those greyed out).

To give you an idea how close your swimmer is to achieiving a Surrey time in that event, I've added the Surrey standards below. Bear in mind the 'age at' date for the Surreys is 31st December 2019 so however old your swimmer is now, you'll need to add a year when checking the Surrey age group.

Kingston is a 'first come, first served' meet. This means we have to get our entries in early to have a chance of having them accepted. Swimmers must be aged at least 9 by January 6th 2019 to take part. The entry fee is £6.50 for all distances except 400m which is £8. We will collect fees via the online system when we know who has been accepted.

Entries ideally by midnight on Friday 9th November. I'll keep the system open for a couple more days in order to add times from the Arena League but you will have to inform me of these manually.

Let me know if any queries - compsec@wandsworthsc.com