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Swim England SW Region Summer Championships

04 May 2019 - 19 May 2019
April, 15 2019



This year the Swim England (South West) Summer Regional Championships will take place as follows:

Youth Swimmers (Age 15 yrs and over on 31 December 2019)

Saturday 4 May - Monday 6 May, at Plymouth Life Centre

Age Group Swimmers (Age 14yrs and under on 31 December 2019)

Saturday 11 May - Sunday 12 May, at Hengrove Park Leisure Centre, Bristol

Saturday 18 May - Sunday 19 May, at Millfield School, Street

There are two exceptions to this:

  1. The male and female 800m events for all ages will take place on the afternoon of Monday 6 May at Plymouth Life Centre
  2. The male and female 1500m events for all ages will take place on the afternoon of Saturday 11 May at Hengrove

Please see the meet pack for a programme of events. Entry for both youth and age group competition can be made on the form in this section. Please note that all qualifying times are  short course and both  consideration times and qualifying times are shown. A consideration time does not guarantee entry to the meet, unlike a full qualifying time which does guarantee entry.

Entry times must have been achieved at a meet licensed at level 3 or above, since 1 October 2018 and must appear on the national rankings database. It is not possible to use "custom" entry times for this meet.

Please submit entries by 15 April; I can accept changes to your entries arising from meets running over the Easter weekend, but you will need to advise me of these results by e-mail as soon as possible after the meet.

As usual, please discuss your entry with your coach before you submit it.