Bishop Stortford Spring SC 16/17th March L3 - Facilitated - Deadline 6th Jan

16 Mar 2019 (01:30 PM) - 17 Mar 2019 (06:30 PM)
January, 6 2019
11 February 2019
(this is a team hosted event)


Only one swimmer, CANCELLED


This meet is open to any swimmer who has achieved a time at a licensed meet in the last twelve months but not our top end swimmers as they will most probably be too fast.

This meet is currently Facilitated, which means we will not have a coach present and therefore we MUST have parents poolside. Please could we have volunteers and officials signup for these using the Job Signup button.


  • Swimmers need to be 9 or over as at 17th March 2019 to be able to compete in line with ASA rules (9 year olds will not be able to swim 400m events)
  • Reserves the right to limit entries to meet gala session timing restrictions. Entries will be accepted on a first come first served basis or until full. 400m events will be limited to 3 heats and entries taken on the fastest times across all age groups.
  • For an entry to be valid it must appear on British rankings and have been achieved at a Level 4 meet and above, checks on times submitted will be made.


  • Cost of the event will be £6.00 per event entered except the 400s and £7.00 for the 400m Freestyle and 400 IM
  • Fees for this meet will be accrued as part of the quarterly Meet Fees and Refund Process Quarter Q1 2019


  • Once your entry has been accepted it is assumed that you will be swimming. Withdrawals must be made by the start of each warm-up session to the recorders on the withdrawal sheets included in the coach’s pack.
  • Withdrawals prior to the promoters date will not incur costs, however post this date refunds will not be made unless we receive a medical note.
Promoters Deadline
  • Friday 15th February 2019.

Venue:   The Venue Leisure Centre, 1 Elstree Way, Borehamwood WD6 1JY

Please see also documents at the bottom of this page

Points for swimmers

The Club has a reputation of being a well behaved, polite and supportive Club, can you please instill to your swimmer(s) the following that MUST be followed;

  • The Club expects all swimmers to be well behaved
  • Please ensure you bring along NEW club t-shirts and wear them, club hats *2, goggles *2, costumes *2, shorts to keep warm and poolside shoes to keep feet warmer and save the calf muscles!
  • Please ensure you wear Club attire and hats at all meets 
  • Don't forget to bring water with you too.
  • Also bring snacks, as per the Club Handbook (last page or at Club Handbook) there are things you should bring, sweets are not on the list laugh
  • Please be polite, helpful, positive and support your team members
  • Listen and do what our coaches and volunteers ask you to do
  • Never leave poolside or the group without informing a volunteer or coach
  • During the sessions all swimmers must stay with the group, most centres do not allow swimmers in the gallery area
  • When you are asked to go to the marshaling area please ensure you take your hat & goggles
  • If you are unsure, ask, there is never a wrong or silly question
  • Prior to leaving at the end of the meet, ensure the area you have been sitting is clean and as they found it 
  • Finally the Club has a reputation for being the loudest and greatest singers, so please encourage your swimmers to have fun and swim as fast as they can, but more importantly, ENJOY THEMSELVES


Points for parents

  • Please ensure you get your swimmer(s) to the pool on time 
  • Please ensure that you arrive in plenty of time to pick up your swimmer(s)
  • If you are going to be late, please TEXT TBC and let them know
  • If for whatever reason that you are unable to make it, please let Geoff (headcoach@berkosc.org.uk) or me know.
  • Please give plenty of encouragement and support to all our swimmers
  • Some swimmers will be nervous and want to stay close, please ensure that all swimmers remain on poolside with the team/coach at all times

Officials Submitted:


Pre Meet

Meet Schedule Entry Times



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