Rugby Open Meet

08 Mar 2019 - 10 Mar 2019
January, 10 2019


Here is information for our first open meet post counties for 2019.

For the 8/9/10th of March we will be going to the annual Rugby Open Meet. This meet is open to all swimmers from all squads that are 9 and older by the 10th March 2019, and will be an excellent way of practising racing skills and improving/adding times that swimmers currently have.

The focus for all swimmers will be the 100m, 200m and 400m events. All swimmers are capable of swimming the 100m, 200m and 400m events. Only those swimmers that are within 3% of a regional qualifying time to enter those 50m events. (E.g. Swimmer PB = 30.8s, RQT = 30s, RQT+3% = 30.9.) NO 50m ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR THOSE THAT DO NOT MEET THIS CRITERIA.

This meet is usually a good meet, where we normally have excellent performances, and would be great to have as many swimmers as possible enter.

Please hand in entries to Rose by Thursday 10th January 2019.