Haslemere Swimming Club Spring Meet 2019

28 Apr 2019
January, 20 2019


This gala is aimed at our younger less experienced swimmers and is a great first open gala to attend.

There are qualifying times that the swimmer will need to meet to be able to enter, so please check the terms and conditions carefully.

The entry fee will be £6.50 per individual event entered plus a one off coach pass fee of £7.  Please do not pay at time of entry, the cost will be added to your account once we have received the accepted entries.

As this is a first come first serve gala, our entries will close on the 20th January.

These are the session times for the Gala - any questions please let me know

Session 1
Sign in 7:15-8am
Warm up: 8:00-8:55
Racing: 9 - 11:15
Session 2
Warm up 11:15-12:10
Racing: 12:15-3:15
Session 3
Warm up 3:15-4:10
Session 3: 4:15 - 6:30

Caroline@elmbridgephoenix.com or Cfantham@tiscali.co.uk


Updated information as at 25.04.19

Dear All

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the meet on Sunday.
Please find attached the programmes for each session.
A reminder of the events in each session is below.
The spectator entry will be £4 for one session and £6 for the day.
As always - any problems let me know.
Kind regards
Session 1
Sign in                   07:15 - 08:00
Warm Up             08:00 – 08:55
Racing                   09:00 (expected end 11.15)


Event 1                                 Boys 200m Freestyle
Event 2                                 Girls 100m Breaststroke
Event 3                                 Boys 100m Fly
Event 4                                 Girls 50m Freestyle
Event 5                                 Boys 50m Back
Event 6                                 Girls 50m Fly
Event 7                                 Boys 100m Backstroke


Session 2
Sign In                                  closes at 11.15
Warm Up             11.15 – 12:10
Racing                   12.15 (expected end 15:15)


Event 8                  Girls 200m Freestyle
Event 9                 Boys 100m Breaststroke
Event 10               Girls 100m Fly
Event 11               Boys 50m Freestyle
Event12                Girls 50m Back
Event13                Boys 50m Fly
Event14                Girls 100m Backstroke


Session 3
Sign In                  closes at 15.15
Warm Up             15.15 to 16:10
Racing                   16:15 (expected end 18:30)


Event 15               Girls 200m IM
Event 16               Boys 200m IM
Event 17               Girls 100m Free
Event 18               Boys 100m Free
Event 19               Girls 50m Breast
Event 20               Boys 50m Breast