Newham & East London L1 National Qualifer

13 Apr 2019 - 14 Apr 2019
March, 1 2019
Ayles Performance (Aylesbury)



London Aquatic Centre(LAC)

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

London. E20 2ZQ 


Entry times must be achieved from 1st January 2018 from either a L1, L2 or L3 meet and be included on the British Swimming Rankings. Minimum Qualifying Standards are Long course (50m) times; however Short Course conversions will be accepted 


Age as at 31st December 2019


Age groups 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17Yrs+.  


Entry Fee: £8.00 per event (800m/1500m at £15)




You must then declare your intention to enter on team unify by selecting ACCEPT/DECLINE, then select YES..

You must complete and hand/scan the entry form  within the entry pack  to Sharon MacNab before Friday 1st March at 8pm. Absolutely NO LATE ENTRIES will be processed. Forms can be scanned to meetsecretary@outlook.com


If the meet is oversubcribed then entries will be accepted based on quickest times by age group and event..


Coaches Guidance:

This meets is for National squad only.

Please enter number one and targeted event. Aim to average around 2 races a session.