Black Lion Spring Open Meet

04 May 2019 - 05 May 2019
April, 7 2019
C1,C2,C3,D3,Junior ([* ALL Locations *])


Update 13/03/19: Entries are now open, however, the 200m breastroke times for boys ages 13 and 14 are incorrect. I am waiting for updated times.

This gala is not to be attended by regional qualifyers.

Your swimmer has be 9y old + on the 5th of May 2019.


Please note this is NOT a first-come-first-served gala, so should this meet be oversubscribed, the slowest swimmers will be rejected (and refunded of course, for those rejected events only)


Also, the Qualifying Times are Upper Times, meaning that your swimmer's PBs cannot be any faster.

This also means No Times are accepted, which great if you've never swum a particular event.

However, please ask your Coach to perhaps time you at training or give you a time they think your child can swim a particular at, this will give you a better chance to not be rejected.