Club Night 800m Freestyle - Deadline 7th June

09 Jun 2019 (05:15 PM) - 09 Jun 2019 (08:15 PM)
June, 7 2019
06 June 2019
(this is a team hosted event)


Competitions are not just about the short distance sprints, they are also about long distances.

As we had limited spaces at the Hoddesdon Long Distance meet and as most swimmers swim this distance in training, we are putting up two new events as part of the internal Club competitions, all of which will be represented at the Awards Evening, so you are swimming for trophies and medals per age group.

We will be holding instead of training sessions 800m & 1500m events on 6th June and 23rd July respectively.

This is open to any swimmer in the Club, so please sign up using the Accept/Decline button top right of this screen.

As always to run these events we need volunteers to help poolside please, so please use the Job Signup button top right of this screen.