RTW Monson Summer Splash - Timings added

29 Jun 2019 - 30 Jun 2019
May, 10 2019
29 June 2019
(this is a team hosted event)
Bronze,C1,C2,C3,D3,Fitness,Gold,Junior,Silver,Top ([* ALL Locations *])


Saturday 29th June and Sunday 30th June 2019

At Tunbridge Wells Sports Centre, TN4 9TX


2019/06/28 - Timings and other info

Please visit the RTW Monsoon Summer Splash page here for tinings and other relevant info


2019 / 06 /13 :Further info

The closing date has passed and we are pleased to announce that all entries have been accepted.

Please check accepted entries list at and report any issues. Particularly individual entries as they are more prone to typos.

The meet is full, to avoid rejections and to finish on time a number of tweaks to the session timing were required. Please see the revised programme of events at In particular due to the number of girls wishing to compete in the 400FC and to ensure the day completes on time, it has been necessary to move the start Sundays program earlier by 30 mins to 7:30AM

With ~200 swimmers per session to keep the number of swimmers per lane sensible, the warm-up has been changed from 2x25mins to 3x20mins. Clubs have been allocated to a specific warm-ups, please see the warm-up allocation at If clubs stick to this no warm-up lane need have more than 12 swimmers in it.

The gala is a sign in event - please remember to sign in - if you do not sign in you will be withdrawn and may not get to swim. The sign in desk is in the pool reception area. For the morning sessions please allow swimmers in the first warm-up to sign in first so they can get changed and through to pool side first.

Swimmers are expected to arrive at marshalling in good time for their swim. We don't want any one to miss their race. The marshalling area is next to the diving pit on the balcony side.

As with all galas it helps to keep the pool surround as uncluttered as possible. Swimmers are requested to use the lockers in the changing rooms for clothes and to only bring a sensibly small bag poolside. We do expect swimmers to bring snacks and drink poolside but request they tidy up and use the bins provided, the pools staff do not expect to be cleaning food up after the event. The pool surround at St.Johns is reasonably wide and seating will be provided all round the pool so swimmers are requested not to bring fold up chairs, however coaches may do (as they deserve a sit down every so often :-)

Results will be live on meet-mobile during the day. Printed copies will be posted on poolside and the balcony. PDF copies will be available at after the event.

We are still looking for officials to help at the event, so please get in touch if you can help.

Any further information will be published at

We look forward to meeting you at the gala and swim well.

Mark Leman
RTW Monson