Strength & Conditioning

23 Jun 2019 - 30 Sep 2020
July, 26 2019


Dear All

WSMSC have been working with Strength & Conditioning coach Jon Clark for some time on an individual and consultancy basis. I am pleased to say Jon will very soon have his own premises close to Hutton Moor and has offered our swimmers a very discounted monthly membership starting in September.  Swimmers from ST and Performance only at this stage can be coached by Jon at his premises for £20 per month between 4-6pm weekdays. You will then be grouped into 6's or 8's to have sessions working together on all aspects of your athletic development.

Strength and conditioning is vital in any sport but crucial in swimming as all stroke faults need to be corrected on land and not in the water, all stroke faults, power and strength are governed by how we use/move and develop our skills out of the water.

If this is something you are interested in please accept on Team Unify so we can see numbers of swimmers wanting to be involved and number of sessions and groups we will need to cater for.

I will put a Strength and Conditioning team sign up on our events page please accept or decline ASAP