BSC Team Relay - Together Can You Swim The Channel? - 15th July

15 Jul 2019 (06:30 PM) - 15 Jul 2019 (08:00 PM)
July, 14 2019
13 July 2019
(this is a team hosted event)


Based primarily on swimmers feedback, we are going to run a short internal Relay competition on Monday 15th July training session at BLC.

This internal "competition" is open to all swimmers and is meat as a bit of fun, "See how many lengths the Club can do" and cumulatively see if this matches the distance of the Channel.

The competition will consist of 6 teams in relay format over a 90 minute period, to see how far a team can swim in that time. Each member of the team will swim 50 metres and the next person will then take over.

We will also need please 6 parents or senior swimmers to keep track of the number of lengths, please use the Job Signup button to volunteer.


The challenge

Distance of the Channel 33.31342  km
In metres 33313.42  m
Number of lengths 1332.537  lengths
Number of lengths per minute 14.80596  per minute
Number of lengths per lane 2.467661  per lane pm


To sign up to this Event;

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