ONB County Championships 2020

11 Jan 2020 - 16 Feb 2020
December, 2 2019
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Deadline for Entries is   Mon December 2nd

Entries for Counties must be made online.   Please do not pay for your entries until you are asked to which will be after Accepted entries have been published.  Please note that any last minute updated times from competitions on the weekend 7th/8th Dec will be accepted (any new times need to communicated to Chantal ASAP to add new entry).

Qualifying Times

For each event (apart from 800m/1500m FC which is mixed gender) there is a CONSIDERED qualifying time (QT) and an ACCEPTED QT. If a swimmer achieves an ACCEPTED QT, they will automatically be accepted into the Championships. If a swimmer achieves a CONSIDERED QT they will need to enter and wait to see if accepted. The aim is to achieve an ACCEPTED QT or get as close to this as possible. Times must be achieved in a licensed level 1/2/3/4 meet.  Although there is no minimum entry time for the 800m/1500m freestyle, NO TIME entries are not allowed and only the fastest swimmers will be accepted.


There are no paper entries this year.  All entries must be done online via the Witney club website or the OnDesk app.  Entry times for all events must be achieved between 18th February, 2019 and 9th December, 2019 inclusive.  There will be one club entry so all entries must be completed online by midnight 2nd December, but any last minute updated times from competitions on the weekend 8th/9th Dec will be accepted (any new times need to communicated to Chantal ASAP to add new entry). 

If parents have any questions about the County Championships please speak to Chantal. Chantal has tracked times for all swimmers, so if parents are not sure if their swimmer(s) have achieved qualifying times then please ask.  Having said that, the online system will only let you enter events which your swimmer has a qualifying time for.  If you enter an event now and your swimmer subsequently achieves a faster licensed time, we will automatically enter the fastest time so do not wait to enter, get it done as soon as possible to avoid missing out.  You can add additional events your swimmer qualifies for at any point prior to the closing date. . Please note if swimmers have achieved considered or accepted times then they should enter these championships, as it is such a great individual and club success to compete at County level. 

Please take the time to look at all of the documents attached to this event as there is lots of useful information about this County Championship competition.